What is Packaging Technology?

The concept of packaging has changed from sheer containers of products to

more sophisticated packages. Which includes sales appeal, aesthetics,

convenience and long-term security. The increased demand for packaging

has resulted in the development of new materials and more sophisticated

packaging machinery. The industry can be classified according to the

technology and materials used for its packaging, namely, flexible packaging,

plastic packaging and metal packaging.

That is to say, packaging is the art, science, and technology of protecting or

encasing products for distribution, storage, sale and use. Packaging also

refers to the process of design, evaluation and production of packages. It is

used for many purposes.

Eligibility for packaging Technology

You have to complete your 12th class with 60% with Physics, Chemistry and


Entrance and Applications

The selection process for admission to a two-year full-time postgraduate

diploma is a Post Graduate Diploma in that the student must be a Bachelor

of Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Microbiology (any as a core

subject) or Agriculture / Food Science or Engineering or Technology. With a

minimum of second class. (60%) are eligible to apply.

For admission to a four-year engineering course in packaging technology,

students with 10 + 2 are eligible for the entrance examination in science

stream with a minimum 60 percent aggregate. Admission is through AIEEE

(All India Engineering Entrance Examination) conducted by CBSE (Central

Board of Secondary Education) every year. For a three-month full-time

intensive training course, Bachelor of Science / Engineering / Technology,

Commerce or Diploma in Engineering or Technology are eligible.

For a three-year diploma in the package, candidates must pass the

Maharashtra State Board Secondary Examination, PUNE or any other

equivalent examination Secondary School Certificate Examination with at

least 60 percent marks.

When to pay attention

All information about admission to engineering colleges and various other

engineering examinations is revealed during April. The notices are

published in all major newspapers of India, Bith in English and Hindi.

Specialization and Further Studies

Courses of different levels are offered by various institutes in India and abroad. Some popular courses in India are:

  1. Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging.
  2. Two Year Post Graduate Diploma in Packaging.
  3. One Year Packaging Management Course.
  4. Three Year Diploma in Packaging Technology.
  5. Three month intensive course in packaging.

In addition to the above, one-year undergraduate technology courses in

packaging, both part-time and distance modes are offered by various

institutes in India and abroad.

Job Description

Packaging technologists to design aesthetically pleasing, functional and

efficient durable packages. At the same time it should also be attractive to

the customer on the shelf of a shop. Therefore the job involves the design,

production and maintenance of production machines.


The starting salary is Rs 20,000 per month (excluding other allowances), but

of course, it depends on whether you are employed in the public sector or

private. This is only a starting figure, you are paid a lot with work

experience and as you move up the ladder.

Opportunities and Job Prospects

Packaging technology ensures that products are safe and properly

packaged. The packaging industry offers a multi-disciplinary career. It

offers a brilliant career with considerable growth potential. There is no

doubt that the wide range of careers in the packaging industry is

formidable. The majority of packaging technologists begin their careers in

packaging departments by quality control or product development or

production engineers or procurement departments or user industries.

They also have the opportunity to join the quality control or production

department of the packaging materials converting industries. The career

usually starts in packaging development as a packaging technologist and

many pursue a career through the roles of senior technologist to become a

packaging development manager or head packaging. Salaries for packaging

technologists vary with employer and levels of responsibility. Most

placements are through campus interviews. The abandonment of the

students is about Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 per month.

Graduates with an additional qualification in packaging technology are

provided with substantial job opportunities in any industry in the areas of

production, procurement, marketing and research and development. With

whom P.G. Those who do diploma from IIP can get placements in good

packaging industries with good remuneration. Many open their own small-

scale packaging units.

With the continued expansion of customer base and business activities in

India, the scope of packaging course in India has become the best. With the

popularity of canned foods, consumers are becoming increasingly pack

sensitive which in turn has increased the importance of trained

professionals in the packaging industry. Candidates who are well versed in

printing and graphic technology will gain an edge in the packaging industry

as printing and graphics are very important in proper packaging of


Institutes for admission

The following institutes in India are engaged in providing various training

and course programs in packaging technology:

  1. Mumbai Indian Institute of Packaging
  2. New Delhi Indian Institute of Packaging,
  3. Tamil Nadu, Indian Institute of Packaging,
  4. Indian Institute of Packaging, West Bengal
  5. Indian Institute of Packaging, Andhra Pradesh
  6. Department of Printing Technology Guru Jambheshwar, Haryana


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